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Ayurveda Immersion wants to share the wisdom of the original Ayurveda tradition of India for the needs of modern society. From the study of the oldest knowledge about the art of living, we propose a simple and powerful technology to determine, know and influence the nature that characterizes each body and each mind. Treating each individual as unique and exclusive.


Paola & Nuria Meditación en la naturaleza


Hatha Yoga Teacher

Ayurveda Nutrition Therapist

No doubt I am Vata-Kapha, native of Sardinia.

I love sea and forests. Poetry and colors. Music and silence.

I like learning by doing, always looking for new experiences.

I would like to describe my story as a journey looking for authentic things, peace, beauty, healthy fun, true friendships. This journey has passed through the best creative years of Architecture at Alghero, the launch of an innovative spin-off called TaMaLaCà Srl, a PhD, many projects, many conferences, as well as the management of a local Sport Association… This journey passed also through Turkey, Japan, India…

Finally, I had the privilege to find what I was looking for. Yoga and Ayurveda, some things that before were “just” a passion, now are also my job and my life. Ayurveda Immersion is a dream come true.

Om Shanti


Ayurveda Panchakarma and Nutrition Therapist

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Sometimes, I still wonder how I came to turn my life around by focusing on Yoga and Ayurveda… what I however do now know is that I should’ve started those practices much earlier. After having studied and worked in the field of engineering for 10-plus years, it was time for a change. That’s when I stumbled over Ayurveda to which I to this day, feel drawn to. Having attained a healthy and balanced mind through it, blessed me with experiencing fulfillment, enhancing every single moment and enjoying every instance given. This utopian, unworldly, gave me the strength to travel India, learn from the best kept Ayurvedic-secrets and hatha yoga so that this wisdom can be shared with others.

Ever pondered about how life would be if you figured out a way to push the envelope, live to your fullest potential and balance?

Well, I haven’t discovered the elixir of life just yet, however, through trail and error, I’ve gathered tools to simply live better. And this is the goal and commitment with myself and with those who have the same concern.

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