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Ether and Air

  • It is the movement and the responsible of controlling the place where Pitta and Kapha manifest
  • Qualities: dry, light, cold, moving, rough, subtle
  • Location: Vata energy occurs in the colon and rectum. It also occupies the entire pelvic and sacral area (final part of the back), articulations, bones, waist and thighs

Fire and Water

  • Pitta represents solar energy. This dosha allows the transformation of all substance, either food or information into knowledge.
  • Qualities: slightly oily, light, hot, flowing, smooth, penetrating, sharpened.
  • Location: pitta energy governs the entire area between the diaphragm and the navel. This is where the production center is: the small intestine. Responsible of digestion, it also governs the skin, eyes, plasma, lymph, liver, spleen, pancreas and sweat.

Water and Earth

  • Kapha represents the lunar energy. It builds the body and creates the binder that allows all the components to be linked. As if it were a mixture of water and earth, it can be understood as mud that contains all the properties.
  • Qualities: oily, heavy, cold, steady, smooth, gross
  • Location: the energy of Kapha is located in the upper part of the body (above the diaphragm). It is produced in the upper part of the stomach and occupies the chest, heart, lungs, nose, eyes, tongue and digestive system in general, except the colon.
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