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The Pitta type has the strongest digestive capacity and can digest most any food, junk food, or chemical food (soft drinks) for years without a hint of a problem. Around 37, give or take a few years, this begins to change. The Pitta type is the most sensitive to sour and acidic foods that increase the pH balance of the body. They also may be attracted to hot spices, but these also pose problems in the long run. These kinds of foods tend to increase the bile production in the liver and pancreas which increases the acidic nature of both blood and plasma. Human cells are very sensitive to the pH level of the body and high acidity ages cells or breaks down their normal metabolic function. The Pitta type has the strongest enzyme capacity unless too many spicy or acidic foods are eaten. These people have the greatest capacity for both the variety and quantity of food.

In the  table below a summery is given on the effects of food groups on the Pitta type of person. This is a general guide to show how groups of foods affect these people.

Type of food Effect of food on constitution
Percentage 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
  Best Medium Mixed Sometimes Rarely Worst
Fruits X
Vegetables X
Grains X
Beans X
Nuts & seeds X
Dairy X
Oils X
Animal products X
Sweeteners X
Spices X
Beverages X
Vitamins & minerals X
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