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Revitalizing Ayurvedic Circuit

The circuit we have designed for Domus de Maçanós consists of three treatments, which are given together to form a perfect synergy to cleanse, purify and revitalize the entire body. We invite you to know the benefits of each treatment, and to experience them as soon as possible!




Provides softness

Strength and color to the body

Decreases the effects of aging

Gives a good vision

Nourishes the body

Increases longevity

Supports a healthy sleep pattern

It benefits the skin

Strengthens the body’s tolerance

Provides firmness to the extremities of the body

It imparts tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body

Stimulates the internal organs of the body and increases circulation

Calm vata and pitta




Elimination of accumulated fats in adipose tissue

Decreases the effects of aging

Elimination of toxins through the pores

Softens and dilates the body’s channels

Help in case of respiratory problems

It is recommended in cases of constipation

Relax back the neck and legs

Reduces body cold

Helps in the reduction of joint pain and improves mobility

Improves metabolism in general

Softens the skin

Improve appetite

Reduces fatigue

Helps eliminate stiffness and heaviness




Eliminates toxins from the body

Fight insomnia

Relaxes the body and mind

Disinfects and nourishes the skin naturally

Improves digestion

Strengthens all body parts

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