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Ayurvedic massage was developed, along with kalari (a form of martial arts), to enhance the welfare of the warriors, and is still used extensively in the Kerala region of India. This massage is based on knowledge of the body’s marma points, the anatomical sites where muscles, nerves, blood vessels, joints, ligaments and bones enjoin. Recognition of marma points historically precedes and is comparable to that of the meridian points used in acupuncture. Although there are many variations of current massage practices in India, differing somewhat from classical Ayurvedic applications, the methods used are still valid in terms of their effectiveness in regaining and maintaining health.

Two main therapies are administrated together to form a stupendous human synergy of potent rejuvenation and rebirth. This two therapies are called Snehana and Swedana, which encompasses the supporting therapies measures for pancha karma proper, the five main cleansing and elimination procedures of the most famous treatment in India.

The first Snehana therapy involves the oleation and massaging of the entire body, followed by Swedana, the inducing of sweat through fomentation. This treatments please a soft care not only of the bodily tissues but also the mind and spirit.

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