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Swedana Therapy

The following experience is Swedana. This therapy is designed to induce sweating, which occurs through the skin, by way of the hair follicles, and through the fat tissues of the body. As a result, the body’s fiery content increases, stimulating agni (intestinal fire), which then facilitates the rounding up and expulsion of ama (toxins) from the system. Appetite and taste are both enhanced as bodily ama is expelled. It promotes strength, enhances virility and reverse ageing. It also calms the mind and body, increases the ojas (vital force) and gives lightness to the body. Swedana therapy involves various forms of sudation treatment, which help to relieve bodily stiffness, heaviness and coldness. You will have the chance to try different types of steam, treated in herbs and using milk and water as a base. Regarding local (Nadi swedam) or global  application (herbal steam), this treatment will provide you the softest skin.


Elimination of accumulated fats in adipose tissue

Decreases the effects of aging

Elimination of toxins through the pores

Softens and dilates the body’s channels

Help in case of respiratory problems

It is recommended in cases of constipation

Relax back the neck and legs

Reduces body cold

Helps in the reduction of joint pain and improves mobility

Improves metabolism in general

Softens the skin

Improve appetite

Reduces fatigue

Helps eliminate stiffness and heaviness

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